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We Need Parents Help

The Pre-School cannot function without the help of the parents. The committee necessary to help run the pre-school is formed of volunteer parents. The fundraising required to ensure the continuation of the pre-school is achieved by parents. A parent helper at each pre-school session ensures that the staff have more time with the children.

Things To Remember

Drop Off

  • When dropping off, please do not enter the hall until a member of staff is present at the door
  • Remember to bring fruit for snack time and place in the basket
  • If your child is to be collected by someone else, you must complete the collection book with the full name of the person collecting
  • Please complete the clothing sheet with a description of what your child is wearing
  • Check the parent file for any letters


  • When collecting please wait for the staff member on the door to tell you that you may enter into the main hall, this is for security reasons
  • The staff looking after the children will call your child for you, you must not call your child, again this is for security reasons
  • Check under your child's name for any creations they have made or letters for you to take home

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Key Worker

A list of all the staff and for which children they are key worker, is displayed on the notice board

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Notice Boards

The notice board is on the right hand wall as you enter the hall. The notice board displays the following information for parents:

  • Key Worker Allocation
  • Staff and Committee photos
  • Weekly Activities & Themes

There also a notice board on the tables on the left of the hall. This displays the folloinformation for parents:

  • Parent/Carer Help Rota
  • Themes for the half term and how parents can help
  • Comments slips

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Things We Need

The pre-school always needs toys and equipment and often parents can help out by donating items that they no longer need. If you have an unwanted toy that you think we may be able to use then please speak to the leader or deputies.

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Things Parents Can Do To Help

  • Wash tea towels
  • Make playdough
  • Photocopy colouring sheets, pencil control sheets etc.
  • Use your store discount card for the pre-school
  • Help prepare craft activities
  • Join the committee or fundraising committee
  • Help out with events (see fundraising page)
If you can help with any of these, please contact Tracey (Pre-school Leader)

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Parent/Carer Help Rota

Staff and Committee at Edlesborough Under 5’s ask for your help in continuing our successful voluntary parent/carer help system. Having a helper supports the staff and children by providing a valuable extra pair of hands during the morning or afternoon.

Having the parent/carer rota helps to maintain the high ratio of adults to children in the group. It also gives the parent/carer the opportunity to take an active part in the group to see what happens there and to talk about it afterwards with their child.

Research shows that children learn better when their parents are involved, so we hope you don’t mind in doing your session each term.

Parental help is needed from 9am – 12.10pm on morning sessions and 12.30 – 3.15 in the afternoon. We would need you to cover the session(s) highlighted on the parents help rota distributed to the parents concerned each half term and published on the parents notice board in the hall.

If for any reason you are unable to do the session please arrange a swap with another parent, we list all contact numbers on the back of the Rota. Should you change sessions please change the master on the notice board as this keeps the staff informed.

If you do not cover the session and make no alternative cover please advise the staff and the Rota Secretary giving as much notice as possible. The Rota Secretary's contact details are printed on the rota.

If you have any holiday dates booked during term time please let the Rota Secretary know so that your session(s) can be scheduled around this. Also if you prefer to do your parent/carer help on a specific day, please inform the Rota Secretary on the reply slip you will be asked to complete each term, and the Rota Secretary will try to accommodate these, however this can not be guaranteed each term.

Expectant mums – From six months of pregnancy you will not be asked to do a session up until your baby is six months old. So please advise me on the acceptance slip if any of this relates to you. We prefer if at all possible, a younger child should be left with a relative or friend when parents do their session(s). The policy for children under 2½ years is detailed on the Policies page

When your child starts pre-school, you will be sent a letter detailing this information and asking you to sign and return the slip as confirmation that you have read the above and accept the terms of the parent help rota.

Being a Parent/Carer Help - Duties

Please find below an outline of duties we ask help with from our parent on their rota day, we hope this helps you to settle in:-

There is a weekly plan showing all the activities for each day as well as the theme for the week, this also indicates the time for break etc. The plans are kept up on the notice board and are referred to throughout the session by all members of staff so feel free to have a look and see what is involved. Please ask if you have any questions or queries. (The following flow chart will be present to view in the kitchen)

Please arrive at 9.00/12.30

  • Layout the children’s name cards on main table
  • Go through the parent file and distribute under the relevant child’s name
  • Sit with Staff & Children for Registration
  • Work along side the Auntie on the main activity
  • 10.10am/2pm chop up the fruit on 4 plates
  • Make teas and coffees for staff and yourself
  • Half fill 4 jugs with milk and 4 jugs with water
  • Join staff in the outside play area (weather permitting)
  • Clear and wipe down the tables
  • Wash up
  • Tidy around kitchen/brush up
  • Place pictures from drying rack onto children's name cards
  • Sit with children for collection

Any problems please speak to the Shadowing Auntie or Leader, if you have any concerns or would like to do anything else ie. Sort out books


We hope this helps you, if you have any questions please feel free to ask and we hope you enjoy the session

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Polo Shirt

The Edlesborough Under 5's polo shirt is available to purchase at a cost of £5 per polo shirt.

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